Club Statement

After some events of recent weeks, Blackburn Junior Hawks would like everyone to be aware of the following statement, which clarifies our position on these unsavoury incidents

Firstly, Blackburn Ice Hockey Development Association does not accept racism or discrimination in any form, from our youngest age groups to our senior teams. Racism and discrimination are vile aspects of humanity that have no place in modern society and will not be tolerated at our club. If any member is subject to any racism or discrimination, or has any knowledge of it within any aspect of the club it should be reported to a club official and will be dealt with professionally.


Secondly, in recent weeks certain referees have spoken to Committee Management about crowd incitement and behaviour. This includes encouraging unnecessary fighting, disrespect to officials, from both team players and parents before, during or after games. Furthermore a complaint has been raised which concerns the use of offensive language and in certain cases threats to other opposition team members and parents. This will not be tolerated and any offender will be excluded from Blackburn Arena for both Junior and Eagles games, and will have any membership, or associate membership revoked. Whilst we understand Ice Hockey is a very passionate game, and emotions run high, we have a responsibility as individuals and Club members to control these whilst supporting the teams. Junior games are played by “children”, not adults and as such supporter behaviour must be appropriate.


The above two paragraphs of this statement are covered by the Code of Conduct for Players and Parents, which was distributed with the club handbook and registration packs. This code of conduct is adopted from the EIHA (English Ice Hockey Association) Code of Conduct for Players and Parents and can be found at the following link


Blackburn Ice Hockey Development Association is committed to ensuring a safe environment for our members to grow and excel in the sport. If any member has any issues which they are concerned or frustrated about, please talk to us. Club officials are at all games and training, and if you wish to contact a member of the management committee please email our secretary, Alistair Corner at


Blackburn Ice Hockey Development Association Management Committee

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